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Standard Horizon CP-175C Τιμή: 694,00

Τελευταία προβολή ήταν 2022-08-14 13:51:32 η αγγελία είναι από το νομό ΛΑΡΙΣΑΣ


Chartplotter LCD Display: Sunlight Viewable 6in Colour TFT Cartography: Dual C-MAP MAX/NT+ Operational Temp: 0°C to +55°C Voltage: 10 - 35VDC Navigation Features User points: 1000 Waypoints/Marks User point icons: 16 User point label: 10 Character Name Track/Log points: 3000/5 Routes/points: 20/50 GPS Performance Receiver: WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS Satellite Differential Accuracy: 3M with on, 15M with EGNOS off Acquisition time Re-aquisition: Less than 1 Second Warm: Less than 8 Seconds typical Cold: Less than 45 Seconds NMEA In/Out Input/Output: 2/3 Supported Sentences: APA, APB, BOD, DPT, DSC, GLL, HDG, HSC, MTW, MWV, RMA, RMB, TLL, VHW, VTG, WCV, XTE Waypoint and Route PC Up/Down load: Yes, NMEA WPT, RTE