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mixer RANE MP2016a DJ Rotary Mixer, RANE XP2016a External Processor

Τελευταία προβολή ήταν 2022-08-17 07:17:51 η αγγελία είναι από το νομό ΕΛΛΑΔΑ


Σε άριστη κατάσταση MP 2016a Features: ? Six stereo Input channels ? Four dedicated stereo Phono / Line preamps ? Two dedicated Mic / Line preamps with: ? Gain trims ? 2-band Tone controls ? Engage switches ? Booth ducking ? Five stereo Auxiliary Inputs ? Input Gain controls for level matching ? Switchable Effects Loop ? Booth Output with Master / Cue source switch ? Separate Pre- and Post-effects Tape Outputs ? Master Accelerated-Slope?, full-cut, 3-band Tone controls ? Audiophile / Studio sound quality; Uses highest-quality ALPS pots ? Split Cueing with high power headphone amplifier XP 2016a Features ? Active-Crossfader? with full-range Contour control ? A-POST-B Crossfader assign switches ? Stereo Master / Cue Meter with peak hold ? Six channels of stereo, Accelerated-Slope?, full-cut, 3-band Tone controls. XP 2016 Adds Active Crossfader? with full-range Contour control; Crossfader assign switches. Adds Accelerated-Slope? 3-band tone controls on each input channel. Adds Master/cue metering. Single cable connects XP 2016a to MP 2016a.